Mr. Chung Po-yang, OBE, JP

Chung Po-yang (Alias Po Chung) co-founder and chairman emeritus of DHL International (Hong Kong) Ltd. was born in Macao, 1943. He matriculated from St. Stephen's College, Hong Kong in 1963.

In the United States he attended University of Seven Seas, the original floating university (Oceanography), Whittier College (Zoology) and obtained his B.Sc. from California State University at Humboldt in Fisheries Management in 1968.

Upon returning to Hong Kong he worked with Topper Toys (H.K.) Ltd. as Operations Manager for two years.

In 1972 he co-founded DHL International Limited the Hong Kong base company that together with DHL Airways Inc. of California, which owns and operates the U.S. territories, operates the DHL Worldwide Network.

The DHL Worldwide Network now operates in 227 countries, employing over 53,000 people, runs a fleet of 12,203 vehicles, owns and operates over 209 aircraft. It is the worldıs leading air express company handling more than 100 million documents, parcels and freight a year across five continents.

Key Directorships

DHL International (Hong Kong) Ltd., the original DHL International Ltd, Chairman, since 1972; DHL International Ltd., Bermuda, Board Member; DHL Travels Ltd., Chairman, since 1978; Lane Crawford Ltd., Board Member, 1987-1997; Li & Fung Ltd., Board Member, 1993-1999; China-Hong Kong Photo Ltd., Board Member, 1994-1997; Artal Food Industries Ltd., Board Member, since 1992; United Chinese Bank, Director, 1995-1997.
Hong Kong Tourist Board, Board Member, since 1999; HKTB e-Business Subcommittee Chairman, since 2000; HKTB Tourism Year Program Committee Member since January 2001; Ocean Park Corporation, Board Member, since July 1998. Deputy Chairman since July 2000; Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Chairman, since September 2000;

Po Chung's community service activities are focused in five key areas: Promoting Hong Kong and International Relations; Arts and Culture; Management and General Education; Creativity and Innovation; and Social Entrepreneurship.

Recently, Mr. Chung founded and currently serves as the chairman of the following two foundations:

The Creativity and Education Foundation (HK) Limited which was created to promote quality education and educational reform in Hong Kong, and

The Creative Initiative Foundation (HK) Limited which was created to promote the ³creative initiative?of nonprofit organizations and encourage nonprofit organizations to use proven business practices to help meet the needs of their stakeholders.

You can learn more about the Creative Initiative Foundation by visiting the CIF web site at

His involvement in other community activities and services includes:

Arts, Culture and Sports

Hong Kong Arts Centre, Board of Governors, Member, 1993-1994; Chairman, 1994-2000; The Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Founding Council Member, since April 2000; Business for Art Foundation, Founder & Chairman, since 1991. Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Fund-raising Committee, 1985-1997; Hong Kong Tennis Foundation, Founder Member, 1990-1993; Vice-Chairman, 1994-1997; Hong Kong Tennis Patrons Association, Executive Committee, 1994-1996. Friends of Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Life Member, since 1990.

Promoting Hong Kong

Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Council Member, 1989-1997; Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Trade Related Services Committee, Chairman, since 1995; Hong Kong Trade Development Council, HKCEC Extension Project, Artwork Selection Committee, Chairman, 1996-1997; Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Services Promotion Program Committee, Member, 1996-1997.

International Relations

Hoover Institution, Stanford University, California, Member of the Board of Overseers, 1994?000; Hoover Institution's Hong Kong Documentary Archive, Founder Chairman, since 1992. Hong Kong/USA Economic Co-operation Committee, Member, 1993-1997. Hong Kong/European Union Business Co-operation Committee, Member, since 1997. Hong Kong/Korea Business Round Table, Member, 1994-1997. Hong Kong Official Delegate to World Economic Forum at Davos 1996, 1997 and 1999.

Management Education

Hong Kong Management Association, Fellow; Executive Committee and Council Member, since1991; Deputy Chairman, 1995-1999; Hong Kong Government, Efficiency Unit, Member of the Serving the Community Forum 1995. Hong Kong Government, Employee Retraining Board, Member, 1995-1999; Hong Kong Government, Civil Service Training & Development Advisory Board, Member, 1996-1999.

Community Charity

Hong Kong Community Chest, Board 1989-1995; Member of Executive Council 1989-1993; Vice-Patron, 1995-1997; Corporate Contribution Program Member, 1989-1997; Chairman of the Public Listed Companies Group under the CECP, 1995-1997; Hong Kong Red Cross, Advisory Board Member, (from November 2000).

Education & Academic

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Member of Court, 1995-1997; Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Business Studies, Advisor, 1994-1996; The Chinese International School Foundation, Board of Governors, since 1997; Duke of Edinburgh's Award World Fellowship, Member, 1990 -1997. Hong Kong University Education Foundation, Voting Member, since 1996. Hong Kong Centre for Economic Research, Trustee, since 1990.

Wildlife and Conservation

Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Trustee Member, since 1998. Chairman since September 2000. World Wildlife Fund, Executive Committee, 1985-1990; Trustee, 1985-1997.


Young Presidents Organization, Member, since 1983; Chapter Chairman, 1986-1987, 1989-1991. World Presidents Organization, Member, since 1991; Global Board Member, 1993-1997. Chief Executive Organization, Member, since 1997, Area Vice President, Asia Pacific, since 1997. St. Stephen's College Old Boys Association, President, 1974-1975, 1975-1976. Hong Kong Jockey Club, Voting Member, since 1993.

Po Chung has been the feature speaker on corporate culture at various symposium organized by Pacific Rim Forum, Business International, Business Week International, Young Presidents Organization, Hong Kong Management Association, China Management Association in Taiwan, various graduate school of business. He was the Annual Keynote Speaker of the Singapore National Productivity Board in 1986.

His most interesting topics are:

How Do You Open A New Country Every Five Weeks, a New City Every Eight Days Continuously for Fifteen Years?
The Science of Life Management & The Art of Living
How Do You Pay Your People Twice When You Havenıt Got the Money?
Eight Must Advices to the Graduating Class, High School or Otherwise.

He is a Chinese calligrapher, a painter, an avid reader, a classical music enthusiast, wine collector and photographer.

He is married (Helen) with three daughters Yana (1977) Pomona College, Anca (1982) University of Pennsylvania & Yangie (1986) Chinese International School.


Who's who Among American Universities and Colleges 1968.
Award of Business Excellence 1987.
Hong Kong Artist Guild - Art Patron of the Year 1989.
Outstanding Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur Republic of China 1990.
Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) 1995.
Justice of Peace (JP) 1997.
Asian AppleMaster of Apple Computer 2000

Post Graduate Education

He attended the Stanford Executive Program at Stanford University in 1981 and the IMD Presidents Program in 1993 and 1994 in Switzerland.